Bellerive Global Services is an active trading company which serves the specialist borrowing requirements of the wider Bellerive Group’s clients. Bellerive Global Services providers borrowers with a wide range of tailored services, including structuring, financing and servicing loans in various currencies.


Bellerive Global Services offer both collateralised and syndicated loans. Collateralised loans are financed internally. Syndicated loans are when we create a syndication of external funders to assist in the lending. In both cases, we require a high level of corporate and non-corporate security to enable us to provide suitable facilities.

Bellerive Global Services currently has a loan book in excess of £700 million.

We offer specialised lending solutions for various scenarios with a large focus on highly collateralised bridge financing.

We ensure that our borrowers are able to obtain the capital required to complete deals in a timely and diligent manner as well as offer our lenders a competitive return on their investment.


Our investment approach is based on a disciplined process that measures risk while identifying the catalysts for increased value. Bellerive Global Services implements rigorous credit and due diligence procedures.